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Artificial Intelligence in Games – Week 21

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1st August 2017

AI that can imagine… what will they be ‘thinking’ about?

Weekly Roundup!

Welcome to the weekly roundup, where we draw your attention to everything newsworthy in artificial intelligence in games! If you’ve found or shared something that you think belongs here, contact us on Twitter! Last issue, we spoke about an Oscar nominated game trailer and the shadow AI in Killer Instinct. You can find that here.


AI That Can Imagine

It wouldn’t be BrainyBeard Game AI weekly news if Deepmind doing something cool didn’t headline it – and of course, here they are once again. This time, they are following on from their success from the memory-making AI by figuring out how to generate AI that can imagine. Theoretically, this could allow the AI to be thrown into a dangerous situation – one where it must learn to think carefully and choose the best solution. The AI was tested within the bounds of a Japanese navigation puzzle space game called Sokoban and the technique is being called imagination-based planning. It’s fascinating stuff and well worth checking out!


AI controlling Intensity

As game developers, when we think of AI we are often immediately drawn to enemies, NPC’s and their behaviours. For the more experimental among us, AI might mean procedural generation or the random placement of objects and enemies to create unique game content. But what about AI that can change the intensity of gameplay so that a game is fun for players of all skill levels? Well, that’s what the team behind Ace Academy 3 came up with. Inspired by the Left 4 Dead’s directory system, the WW1 dog-fighting game changes gameplay based on if there are enemies within the crosshair, if the player is being shot at or is shooting, among other elements. The team had to solve issues, such as “how do you measure intensity” and “is it ok to just base performance on one players performance, or instead an entire teams performance“. The last thing anyone wants is too many enemies to make the game too challenging, or too few enemies to make it boring.

Ice Hockey just got tougher!

EA Creative AI System

In the sports section of the game AI weekly news (don’t worry, I doubt this will become a regular feature), EA has masterminded a creative AI system that significantly improves the AI in its ice hockey franchise. Teammates can find better openings and know how much strength needs to power a pass as well as a bunch of other technical terms I obviously don’t understand about ice hockey. It does also feature a 3 vs 3 mode and once again the AI have been trained and adjusted to deal with the smaller team sizes, meaning they can attack and defender better as a single unit.


First AI World Cup Soccer Tournament

We’ve all seen robot football, in fact the university we graduated from – Plymouth University – was quite good at the sport. But now, finally back at the birthplace of robot football, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is hosting a different kind of tournament, one involving teams of 5 v 5 computer AI opponents. Thought to be the first major event of its kind, the tournament is perfect for young South Korean engineers to put some machine learning education to good use. There will be a month training period in October until the event officially begins in November. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Which AI is going to be critiquing your art this week?


Just For Fun..

Here we highlight short, interesting and sometimes silly things happening in the world of game AI news.

  • Rare held an AMA on Reddit and spoke more about Sea Of Thieves and wanting to add ambitious AI into the game.
  • Over to Epic Battle Simulator and some suspicious looking laser knights just wreaked havoc against a bunch of medieval knights.
  • Someone won a game of Civilization 6 on the hardest difficulty without firing a single shot!
  • Fishing games deserve more exposure and this one just had it’s AI improved!
  • …golf games deserve exposure as well
  • AI enemies don’t need to steam roll you anymore to make you feel sad, instead they just harshly critique your art.
  • And lastly a really nice article on companion AI. We all must just together to combat the menace of companions blocking doors, getting in the way of our attacks or generally getting stuck!

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