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Artificial Intelligence In Games News – Week 20

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20th July 2017

We have good news for when AI takes your job!

Welcome to the weekly roundup, where we draw your attention to everything newsworthy in artificial intelligence in games! If you’ve found or shared something that you think belongs here, contact us on Twitter! Last issue, we spoke about an Oscar nominated game trailer and the shadow AI in Killer Instinct. You can find that here.

Arms AI Cheating

Arms… the arm swinging fighting hit released on the Nintendo Switch is coming under fire for its potentially less-than honest AI. Now of course, the chances are that the AI is almost definitely cheating, the real challenge is to not make it so obvious. If this GIF-tastic post, the author has identified several ways in which the AI has cheated including blocking whilst arms are extended and blocking attacks after they have been hit. Nintendo has refused to comment on the situation as they did when others asked if Mario Kart 8 AI were cheating. This article should act as an important reminder to us all that tough AI is fun, but broken obviously cheating AI is not.


Microsoft AI Winner

We’re all aware by now that Google & Deep Mind are dominating AI. Yet Facebook are also their making gains, IBM have Watson and China is quickly becoming an AI powerhouse. Although Microsoft have Cortana, the giant isn’t renowned for its developments in AI. It has however received a lot of publicity for being too slow to adapt to innovations such as mobile. Now determined not to be left behind, Microsoft is holding an event showing off their latest developments. Although this isn’t directly linked to game AI, it’s very easy to appreciate how much of the AI technology could be applied to games especially within augmented reality. One technology of interest is camera software for the visually impaired that can describe the age of someone and how they are feeling. Admittedly, a prototype of this was released years ago, but it’s fantastic to see continued developments!

Microsoft Has Struggled In The Past On Mobile

Speculative scripts

Game publishers are taking fewer and fewer risks when it comes to creating new games. In 10 years time, it would be unsurprising if we were all playing Gears Of War 8 or Halo 13, but that’s not an industry we should aspire to be part of. Whilst films are very much going the same way with this year effectively being a year of sequels, yet there certainly appears to be a more diverse range of titles to choose from compared to games. In this article, the author explores the feasibility of speculative scripts. It’s an idea that basically ensures the narrative comes first and it isn’t broken due to being forced upon mechanics. And this is a huge problem within the industry of developers writing stories whereas it’s a complex job better left to the experts. So how does AI fit into all of this? Game narrative has always been limited by technology with storage space being the main culprit in the past – CDs had no room for hours of cutscenes. But now it appears that it’s all AI’s fault progress isn’t being made. The article points out that it’s easier to kill NPC’s rather than build complex relationships with them, the core of good narrative. What do you think – is AI the problem?


Windows 95 Glory Days

From AI causing problems in games to now AI causing the creation of more games to get us through the day. One day there will be AI for everything, right? You, your parents, your friends are in jobs at risk of being automated. Fear not though because design professor Pippin Barr has created a game that replicates the monotony of grinding in modern titles. Do task x to get achievement y. Free-to-play in browser, “It Is As If You Were Doing Work” allows you to take a glimpse into the future regarding how you will find fulfilment at work. Send an email of at least so many characters, click button a but not button b, play games on your breaks, listen to some smooth jazz. It’s all possible!

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