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Why Game Developers Need ToDo list Apps too

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31st March 2017

Getting Productive!

Hi everyone my name is Francesco D’Alessio, I run a Youtube channel all about productivity apps and resources! Crafting a to do list is a something that many people like to use as their driver towards daily productivity. Game developers are skilled in a specific area, spending most of their time on a computer, so making sure their efforts are channeled into their work productively is important.

Benefits of using a To Do list as a Game Developer


1) Refined daily focus 

The obvious benefit of the to do list is the refined daily focus. Having a focus at the start of your day, whether it’s chronological or priority based, this helps to define your work during the day and push forward with the work actions. If you are hesitant to create a daily to do list, try it for a full 7 days in the week using a basic notebook. Stick to it, create it the night before and continue to refine it across the week. As you create one version of the to do list you’ll move to the next iteration of your to do list and improve it in real-time based on your style of working. Having a setup for your day can help to get more things done but keep your stress levels down when you are conquering the world of game development.


2) Activity logging

As a creator, being aware of all of the smaller and bigger changes you’ve made to a product or service can be very beneficial. Your to do list can also act as an ongoing activity log and resource. This activity log will keep an eye on those changes and allow you to see all of the major efforts you made in your day. This is very rewarding to anyone aiming to get more done across the day, helping to improve your momentum for the next day. Keep your notebook smart for now, keeping it well stacked and neat for when you are reviewing the success of your tasks at the end of the day.


What Tools can Developers use? 

So you are wondering what resources should I use to organise my to dos. Start with a notebook, sounds simple, but you need to start with simplicity, something that’s complicated to start will only add pressure to you. Spend a full week with a notebook/physical form of logging tasks, then move onto one of the following services to help you get started, they all have specific features that can be very helpful.

1) Trello

Create boards, lists and cards on a very visual way to add tasks and complete them. Recommended for developers thanks to it’s easy layout and strong functions within each card.

2) Todoist

One of the most successful to do list application provides a seamless way to add to dos to your list. Add team members and collaborate over assigning tasks. You also have a built in “karma” setting allowing you to gather points for completed tasks.

3) Bear Notes 

Not so much a to-do list, however if you are looking for something with a sweet theme that you can create to dos and notes on, Bear is a great option for iOS and Mac users for sure.

To Conclude

All of these services are free and easy to get started with. If you have any questions or queries about choices, drop me an email anytime, I’ll be happy to help. For more productivity tips feel free to follow my Youtube channel, it’s free. ?