Who We Are

Technology moves at 10,000mph and can quickly have you feeling left behind. What was last year’s must-have gadget, is now the dinosaur of devices. There’s AI, AR and VR, but what do all of those fancy acronyms mean? The digital age is frustrating.


At BrainyBeard, we level the digital playing field. Founded in 2015 in Plymouth, UK by Adam Daniels and Scott Redrup, we have a background in video game development and artificial intelligence. With the recent rise of innovative technologies, we’ve set our sights on something bigger, making technology easier for everyone.

Problem Solving

We love finding solutions to tough problems. For any tech related question you may have, get in touch below.


Educating is at the core of everything that we do. Whether that's creating tools, holding workshops, writing articles or simply sharing interesting content.


We want to be as accessible as possible, offline or online. Come and say hi, we love to see what people are working on.

Brainy and the Beard

  • Adam Daniels
    Chief Technology Officer

    The Brainy half of BrainyBeard makes our products a reality with a blend of code and magic, whilst also solving life’s everyday computing problems. A stickler for organisation and ensuring Scott doesn’t set each project on fire, Adam knows the location of every nut and bolt that keeps the business running.

  • Scott Redrup
    Managing Director

    You’re more likely to bump into the Beard in BrainyBeard at networking events or on social media. Our in-house content creator and ship captain, Scott can often be found simplifying all of the latest tech news over on our blog. He’s obsessed with game jams, and will give you a pretty good game of Fifa!